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Spring Scent: Leonor Greyl PARIS ‘Masque Fleurs de Jasmin’ Nourishing Hair Mask


leonor greyl mask

Need a fix for dry and dull winter hair? Try a nourishing mask that creates shine, manageability and leaves hair smelling of Spring.

Leonor Greyl PARIS ‘Masque Fleurs de Jasmin’ Nourishing Hair Mask restores dry, stressed strands and will bring hair back to life. This creamy hair mask is enriched with amino acids, jasmine flower water and palm oil to condition and restore moisture, botanical oils to increase flexibility, and proteins to strengthen and enhance radiance. 

This intensely nourishing mask repairs tresses and instantly leaves hair silky and shiny. The mask feels extremely luxurious and has an amazing floral scent that fills the shower with refreshing jasmine flower. The perfect prep for Spring.

Mix a small amount of this mask with your favorite styling product to retain the floral scent all-day-long.

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