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Mediocre Manicure: Shellac


A Shellac manicure is a method that uses a hybrid formula of part-nail polish/part- gel polish. This manicure and/or pedicure promises not to smudge, peel or chip and to last 14 days.

Shellac manicures have been available for quite some time now with new product lines, colors and textures hitting the salons.

CONS: Each coat of polish requires a UV light to dry causing a longer visit to the salon. The re-growth is a little bothersome and tends to lift slightly at the cuticle. Removal of this manicure is vexing. It can be taken off at a salon or at home with a bottle of acetone. Each finger is wrapped in acetone-soaked cotton for ten minutes then rubbing and scraping are needed to finish the job.

The Shellac manicure does last a very long time and would be great before a long vacation, no touch-ups needed. However, for me, it is not worth the extra time, money or the tourture.

Black Magic: Boscia Luminizing Face Mask


Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is a fearsome mineral-rich mask that detoxifies, exfoliates and brightens the skin. Apply a thin layer of the midnight black clay to the skin until it dries, 15-20 minutes. Then the fun-part begins… Gently peel off the latex-textured mask. It’s deep-cleansing properties draw out the dirt, oil and impurities in the skin. At first it is quite difficult to peel the mask off but as you get going it is incredibly satisfying. NOTE: make sure you apply a very thin layer and do not apply the mask over eyebrows – it will pull them out.

Once all of the black has peeled away – you are immediately left with glowing, fresh, “Luminized” skin!

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