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Skin Savior: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a versatile skin conditioning balm used for dry patches, sore skin and much much more.

The formula is almost unchanged since it first appeared in the 1930s. Rumor has it, Eight Hour Cream was originally used as an emollient for Miss Arden’s racehorses’ hooves.

This deep moisturizing balm can be used on the body, face and lips. Hailed backstage, top makeup artists slick it on models lips for instant hydration, apply to the lids for a dewy sheen and use as a face mask for ultimate illumination.

The thick apricot-colored salve is similar to petroleum jelly in texture but slightly more thick and sticky. The only downfall to this product is the smell. A strong medicinal aroma that lasts even after application. The smell is not appealing but Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is worth purchasing for it’s effectiveness.

Known for it’s incredible moisturizing properties, Eight Hour Cream has been labeled as a skin-saver, after-sun soother, shine factor, eye opener, treat for feet and the holy grail product for maintaining glowing, nourished skin.

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